Pillow 15% Duck Down / 85% Duck Feather


Sleeptime Elisabeth Premium Cushion - 60 x 70 cm
Tijk: 100% Picking Cotton
Filling: 15% Duck Down / 85% Duck Feather

Filling weight: approx. 900 grams
Vacuum sealed
Shake well after unpacking

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Are you looking for a super-soft pillow? Then this Sleeptime Elisabeth Premium pillow is exactly what you're looking for! The pillow has a hollow fiber padding and a 100% Patch cotton tunic, which makes the pillow feel soft and comfortable. This pillow comes in a hygienic vacuum package. Once you take it out of the box you can shake it well for the right height and fit. The Sleeptime Elisabeth Premium pillow always returns to its original shape if you have folded it for example. You will definitely enjoy a well-deserved night's sleep.

Delivery time - 7 working days